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Menopause, yoga and me…

I have discovered over the last 2 years that The Menopause can be an opportunity, if we let it, to stop, listen to our bodies and take stock.

Once there is acknowledgement of how the body and mind is doing the changes and support can be introduced to bring back control, to grow in mental and physical strength and importantly become excited for what lies ahead .

I talk a lot about a 360 holistic approach to support The menopause, yoga especially MY menopause yoga plays a leading role for myself and hopefully the many women I have had the privilege to work with over the past 18 months.

So how can MY menopause yoga help? Yoga offers the opportunity to meet yourself exactly as you are. Creates the space to connect, breathe and begin the process of acceptance and understanding .

It has a non dogmatic approach to yoga combining different styles yin, restorative, hatha and vinyasa styles, meditations, breathwork and mantras designed for the non yogi and experienced yogi alike.

Classes are carefully designed to support, ease and reduce both mental and physical symptoms and mindsets linked to the different stages of The menopause, peri- menopause and post menopause.

A little bit about my own menopause experience…so far! I was 50 when I accepted the fact I was peri menopausal but had probably been having symptoms for about 5 years. I was still having regular periods but was experiencing low level anxiety, skin breakouts, regular UTI’s, achy joints, brain fog and was crying all the time, basically felt I had lost my mojo.

Like many women these changes begin to happen when life is busy and stressful whether it’s children, elderly parents, demanding work and in my case a husband who has primary progressive multiple sclerosis, finding time to focus on one’s own needs, take time out and rest is difficult.

I began exploring the affects of stress and busyness on the hormonal system during peri menopause. As a holistic therapist and yoga teacher I already really knew much about the impact but wanted to dig a little deeper and yes the resounding fact is stress and not getting enough rest does make the symptoms of menopause worse.

I began researching holistic practices and western medical treatments to help support my own symptoms and this led me to Petra Coveney, the founder of MY menopause yoga.

Today I am sharing the practices I was taught by Petra to as many women I can in the hope that those practices will be shared to family and friends.

Helping as many women as possible feel educated and empowered during the menopause and beyond.

Yoga and MY menopause yoga classes are proven and supported by both the British and international menopause societies in relieving many symptoms of The menopause.

Classes bring women together from all walks of life in a safe and non judgemental space.

Sharing experiences, gathering western medical and eastern wellbeing information and practices, being signposted to other professionals where needed.

I believe there are now over 700 MY menopause yoga teachers worldwide, educating, empowering and supporting women at all stages of their menopause and I am so proud to be one of them.

To find out more about my classes or to work with me Please email

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