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The Menopause, the end or the beginning!

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

From the first buds of puberty those born with a uterus are educated about menstruation and how not to get pregnant.

During the fertile years of adulthood there is the expectation and sometimes pressure placed both on ones self and by society to become a mother.

There are those whom for many reasons do not fulfil this ' expectation' of becoming a mother, I am one of those.

The transition into Menopause for many can be complex, long and destabilising. This is not the case for all of course.... you maybe wondering what all the fuss is about.

The majority of women will enter the peri menopause from 45 to 50 years of age at a time of life where.. well its bloomin busy.. work, teenagers, family, life and there is very little time to ackowledge any changes that maybe being felt emotionally and physically. Every symptom will be blamed on something else and we keep pushing through not getting help until almost at breaking point.

I believe that even in 2023 there is still a lot of stigma attached to entering the menopause, which can have the ripple effect of internalised denial.

There is still a mindset that a menopausal women is the fading women, fading voice and fading beauty.... No absolutely not...

The menopause causes physical, emotional and mental changes that is not all about hot flushes..

lets think of it as a metamorphisis like a butterfly leaving its cocoon, rather than the end of something, the beginning of a new beautiful and fullfilling phase of life.

In traditional chinese medicine the belief is that the energy once used every month during menstruation can now be used for new and exciting things, creativity, learning, educating exploring and supporting causes.

So how do women find this new voice and empowerment? how do we move out of a feeling of loss, both of self and what may have been, of fatigue and overwhelm, anxiety, loss of confidence!

With acknowledgement and acceptance. Not ignoring symptoms and pushing through, which may lead to arriving in post menopause with burnt out.

Its the magical power of a women's circle during a MY menopause yoga session that i witness the really postive changes. Talking and sharing, whether within a held space, with a therapist, CBT specialist are all a really important part of what should be a 360 holistic approach to support every women at any stage of The menopause.

This holistic approach may include CBT, HRT, Yoga, exercise,lifestyle,nutrition and other complementary therapies.

This is the time to let go of stigma, let go of negative mindsets, maybe even let go of all the stuff that no longer serves you!

Move into this new phase, stronger, healthier and wiser and shine...

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