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Yoga retreats and special events

Summer Yin Yoga and Sound Bath


Sunday 28th July 5pm -6.30pm

Roxley Hall


A beautiful evening of heart opening yin yoga to enhance the joy and happiness of summer.

Accompanied by singing bowls, chimes, gongs and other instruments to take you to the beach and beyond.

Yin yoga is practiced low to the ground. Poses are held for longer to create space in the body, stillness and calmness.

Use of props, including pillows,yoga bolsters and blankets highly encouraged.

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Sunset Flower
Michelle I am finding it very hard to put into words what this weekend has meant to me. to connect with you all, strangers to life long inspirational warrior friends. 48 hrs of a journey I truly opened my mind to. Yes, I'm a bit sore but above all my heart and soul feel liked and loved. thank you for embracing me into this new world and my 'intention' is to keep showing up to practice this incredible art. Until the next time, much love Rachel. x

Alexa Young, CA

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